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Interparliamentary conference on Human Trafficking (13 and 14 March)

The focus of this conference is the question of what the influence is of continuing digitisation – has the internet changed patterns in human trafficking, and how can we use internet to protect victims and prosecute perpetrators? During the conference, attention will also be drawn to the problem of migration which is currently a very hot issue among politicians and the general public. Members of Parliament from the EU Member States will be discussing these things together on 14 March in the Hall of Knights.

The conference will kick off with an informal documentary and discussion evening on Sunday 13 March. During this evening a link will be made between modern forms of human trafficking and the opportunities offered by the internet, among other things, for combating human trafficking. The evening is moderated by CNN journalist and Executive Director of the CNN Freedom Project, Leif Coorlim. Clips of news items and documentaries on human trafficking will serve as the basis for a discussion among the participants and the external experts who will also be present.